How C-Zentrix & Truecaller Enterprises will help your Contact Center?

Verified Business Caller ID

  • Signify your brand precisely
  • Improve message effectiveness
  • Standout from the unverified calls

Brand Recognition

  • Personalized alerts with logos
  • Relative information about Business
  • Brand protection – Ensuring users can not tamper the business details

Analytics to achieve objectives

  • Call pick up rate analysis
  • Spam reports analysis
  • Segmented call pattern analysis

Increase call pickup ratio

  • Green background with brand name and logo, with a verified badge helps customers to identify is a genuine call and not a spam – hence improving call pick up rate

What is a verified call? How it will help your brand?

Your call is important and should not get lost into the huge number of unsolicited and spam calls. The risk of an unknown call means the users may not attend those calls and start assuming it is a spam call and they may even mark it as a spam call.

The unsolicited calls are rarely attended, and this is a large drawback that contact center businesses are trying to overcome. Now, because of the verified caller ID like Truecaller, customers can view the company name, logo, the context of the call and a green color verified badge in case of business calls.

This means that Truecaller has verified the number, which in turn diminishes the rates of junk calls. This is done in a secured way so that no one can tamper the certified badge. Truecaller does not store any private information of the users. It also improves the call pickup rates up to 51.9%, helping contact centers to reach their customers successfully.

C-Zentrix - Trusted partner for your Contact Center Business

Complete omnichannel customer journey:

Many brands provide multi-channel experience to their clients. These channels are managed by different and disjointed systems. This causes unreliable and inconsistent experience for the agents as well as the contact center customers and need to do lots of manual work, throughout.

C-Zentrix’s omnichannel platform unifies all types of communication channels, whether it is a voice or any digital channel interactions. So that any contact center can monitor, design and fine tune the customer journey and deliver a reliable omnichannel customer experience to their customers.

A Platform for Contact Center business outcome:

Our customer experience platform is created with customer experience in mind to improve their KPIs like customer satisfaction, conversion and Net promoter score. The platform has also the ability to meet the traditional call center metrics like call transfer rates, average handling time, first contact resolution and agent occupancy and many more.

Integrate with existing infrastructure:

It is not enough that a platform only manages interaction. C-Zentrix’s platform is flexible to integrate with the existing systems and can leverage related data to orchestrate customer journeys for the businesses. The C-Zentrix’s platform can integrate with various third party CRM software like Salesforce, Dynamics360, Zoho, Freshworks, Leadsquare, SageCRM and proprietary CRMs.

Do you want to improve the call pickup rates?